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Trifektah Home Solutions is consistently highly rated at HomeStars by our clients and maintains a solid average rating of 9.7/10!

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Satisfied Customer Testimonials

Almost all of our customers are happy to provide solid testimonials due to the overwhelmingly positive experiences that Trifektah provides.

Home Renovation – “We were looking for a company that was able to provide end to end service. After our initial meeting with Elysha, she designed and priced out two different plans within a week. Her design for our main floor was so different and bold from what we had, we needed a few days to wrap our heads around it but realized that it was the best use of the available space. We decided to have the overall renovation completed in 2 phases: first the main floor and the second floor the following year. Elysha gave us an approximate start date for the first part of the project but a few days before commencing the work, due to complications at their previous project she moved it back by 2 months. This would have impacted us in significant ways, so she offered to start with the second part of the project instead that required different manpower. Looking back, it turned out to be better because we are done with renovations now.
The work provided by Team Trifektah is of high quality, the decision-making process was not overwhelming under Elysha’s guidance and they were there for every step of the way. Elysha was very quick to respond to any request. She coordinated times for installations, deliveries etc. She was very clear to communicate what to expect and when.
Our project took months to finish, but we are very pleased with the result. We would highly recommend Elysha and Team Trifektah to anybody.
LK and JK, Oakville”

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LK and JK on June, 2018

Condo Renovation – “We bought a rough looking condo.

Elysha and the team transformed it into a luxury home (ahead of time and on budget) providing a turn-key product, with high quality design, workmanship, attention to detail, etc.
Made finishing choices easy, Elysha was with us every step of the wqy!

Couldn’t have asked for more, the real deal ! I’m using them again shortly to update a bathroom.”

Private on April, 2018

Queens Quay Renovation Project – “We were looking to modernize our condo. However, we do not know where and how to start. Elysha and her team at Trifektah conceived a very beautiful design for the whole place. During the project, Trifektah responded promptly to our further inputs and took great care to ensure that all goes according to plan. We are very satisfied in the way Trifektah handled the project from beginning to the end. Highly recommended.”

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Private on October, 2017

Kitchen Renovation – “Hampton Kitchens and the Trifektah team renovated our kitchen including removing the livingroom/diningroom wall and widening the other doorway. We are completely satisfied with the finished work. Elysha is very hands on and readily available for discussion and recommendations and she was invaluable at the tile store helping us decide on floor tile, backsplash and paint colour. She and her team were patient with our queries and open to making minor adjustments as the project proceeded. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Trifektah to our friends/family.”

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Murray and Joan S on October, 2017

Kitchen Reno, pantry addition, and exterior house painting – “The Trifektah team renovated our kitchen (including adding a ‘bumpout’ for a pantry) and coordinated exterior house painting while we were away on our summer vacation. People thought I was a bit crazy for doing this (renovating while away), but I trusted Elysha intrinsically, and I was right to do so. She and the team took care of everything while we were gone! And her response to questions and requests afterward were so refreshing – she truly wants her clients to be happy!!! I can’t wait to use them again!!!”

Angela C on September, 2017

Kitchen Renovation – “My husband and I would like to thank Hampton Kitchens, Elysha, and the Trifektah team for their excellent job.
Everything from the design to the construction and the installation of cabinets where handled with professionalism, care and pride.
Even though we had additional work added to the original quote the project was completed within the scheduled time frame.
We have no hesitation recommending their services to anyone.”

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Barbara H on June 25, 2017

Feedback on Witherspoon Renovation: Kitchen – “Starting a renovation in any part of your house involves a series of many steps and of course, time. When we first met Elysha at the Ancaster Home Show, we were immediately impressed with her willingness to listen and share her expertise with us. Following our initial conversation, Elysha followed up with multiple home visits to further gain insight into what our plans were. Together a design plan was developed and timelines were established. This is key as we all know what a focal point a kitchen is within your home. Once the design for our kitchen was established, Elysha’s crew began the work to prepare for the installation of our new kitchen. As our home is close to a century old there were unforeseen challenges that emerged. This was related to electric, plumbing and of course walls that were not exactly square. Having an experienced contractor working alongside her along with his craftsmen, these obstacles were professionally dealt with to ensure that our new kitchen would meet our needs. As we watched her team prepare for the installation of our cabinets and appliances and ensuring that all facets of the plumbing, electric and lighting were in place, Hampton Kitchens cabinet installer was able to install our kitchen. Our installer was exemplary. With any renovation there will always be aspects of the project that come up. Working collaboratively and professionally Elysha and her team ensured that our desires and wishes were followed. Communication is key in any renovation project if you are not doing it yourself. Elysha and her team were receptive to our suggestions and also genuinely concerned about our vision for our kitchen. Today there are many companies and contractors that can say they can install a kitchen for you. Elysha’s team have the knowledge, skills, creativity and dedication to their customers to make your vision a reality. Our new kitchen reflects our vision!”

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Brian and Teresa L on Sept 8, 2016

“Elysha was great to work with!! The designs and recommendations that she and her team presented truly made the renovations a tremendous success. Her team is skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of disciplines. Attention to details is what sets them apart! Thank you to Trifektah for making our home that much more special!”

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Anthony and Maryse C on August 1, 2016

Major Home renovation – “We had Trifektah renovate our kitchen, ensuite and main floor of our home. We are very happy with the results throughout. Elysha was excellent to work with and actually came through less then her quote despite some inevitable additions and changes as we progressed. I have no problem recommending Elysha and her crew to anyone looking for reliable and high quality work that comes in on budget.”

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Ross W on July 12, 2016

Kitchen reno – “We hired Trifekta to do the tiling and “bones” work to prepare for our new kitchen cabinet installation. They took care of our plumbing, electrical, drywalling, as well as the tiling.

As much as we love the new cabinetry, it’s really the excellent job Elysha’s team did with our floor and back splash that have made us overjoyed with the renovation.

They were quite accommodating when we kept throwing extra little bits and pieces onto the job.”

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Peter K on June 2, 2016